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Aconcagua, Argentina

Adirondacks, New York

A New Route . . . Step by Step
by Mike Rawdon (10/02)

The Big Slide
by Dawn Alguard, Hensley Evans and Mike Rawdon (10/01)

It Ain't Over: Pushing the Envelope in The Name of Fun
by Mike Rawdon (9/01)

More Clutch Than Cruise
by Dawn Alguard (8/00)

Cayman Brac, Cayman Islands

All Overhanging, All the Time
by Dawn Alguard (March 2002)

Trip Planning Information

Island Map

An Introduction to Climbing at Cayman Brac

The Bluff View Guide to Cayman Brac Climbing

Bluff View, the Climber's House

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Cannon, New Hampshire

Two-Sided Face of Fear
by Dawn Alguard (September 2001)
Denali (Mt. McKinley), Alaska

Eighteen Days on Denali
by Pax (6/02)

Fire Crags, Santa Barbara, California

Great Falls, Virginia

Gunks, New York


Dawn Alguard's Journal Archives

Extra Gunks Pictures

Sunday with Steven
by Dawn Alguard (December 1999)

The Gunks Gods Smile Upon Us
by Dawn Alguard (January 2000)

Two Days with Todd
by Dawn Alguard (January 2000)

Winter Wonderland
by Dawn Alguard (April 2000)

My First 5.9 or Good Plans Don't Make Good Stories
by Dawn Alguard (May 2000)

"Dude, where's my Cam?" or "Two Old Men Do the Gunks"
by Peter McVey (June 2001)

Jean: The Life-Cycle of a Route
by Dawn Alguard (April 2001)


How Not To Sneak in Some Climbing On an Overseas Trip
by Gregory A. Kriss (June 2001)
Joshua Tree, California

Thanksgiving at J-Tree with GeoffCJ
by Dawn Alguard (November 1999)

If It's Monday This Must Be Nevada
by Mike Rawdon (October 2001)

Smooth Sailing Away
by Dawn Alguard (November 2001)

Reality JT: Fear and Commitment
by Melissa (April 2002)

Lake Tahoe Area, California

Price of Admission
by Dawn Alguard (June 2002)
Los Cabos, Mexico

You Say You Can't Get to Thailand?
by Mike Rawdon (8/01)
Lower San Ysidro Canyon, Montecito, California

Mount Rainier, Washington

New River Gorge, West Virginia

New River Gorge in Style
by Dawn Alguard (April 2000)
Potrero Chico, Mexico

Fried Shoes and Other Luxuries
by Dawn Alguard (November 2000)

Potrero Chico
by Andrei Ghetie (January 2002)

Potrero John Wall, Ojai, California
Red Rocks, Nevada

What I Learned by Bailing
by Dawn Alguard (February 2000)

Not-so-Trad Girl: A Confession
by Dawn Alguard (May 2001)

If It's Monday This Must Be Nevada
by Mike Rawdon (October 2001)

Chasin' the Pot 'o Gold
by Jeff McCoy

Original Route Beta
by Dawn Alguard and Jeff McCoy

Rumney, New Hampshire

Twelve's a Crowd
by Dawn Alguard (June 2000)

Two-Sided Face of Fear
by Dawn Alguard (September 2001)

Seneca, West Virginia

A Taste of Heaven
by Dawn Alguard (April 2000)
Squamish and Skaha, British Columbia, Canada

Fear of a Black Granite
by Adrian MacNair (September 2002)

Death by Granite
by Dawn Alguard (July 2001)

Climbing at Squamish and Skaha
by Fern (June 2001)

Route Recommendations for Squamish
by Richard Korry (May 2001)


Wider Ain't Better - A Utah Sampler
by Dawn Alguard (May 2000)

Castleton Tower
by Mark Kemball (7/81)

Wheeler Gorge Narrow, Ojai, Calfiornia
Yosemite, California

Lots of Firsts
by Dawn Alguard (October 1999)

Climbers Are the Only Animals That Self-Deprecate, You Know
by Dawn Alguard (September 2000)

Balancing on the Pillar of Despair
by Melissa (October 2001)

John leading Shooting the Curl, 5.10a, at Cayman Brac
John leading Shooting the Curl, 5.10a, at Cayman Brac
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