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Rec.Climbing's Best TRs, 2002
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As voted on Guillame Dargaud's rec.climbing TR voting page and/or nominated during the year on rec.climbing

Saturday at Shit Rock
by Tom Cikoski

The 2nd best TR
by Andy Cairns

by Eric Coomer

Life in a Cloud
by Crotch Robbins

Confession of an Altar Boy
by John Brynes

Ten Days at El Potrero Chico
by Steve E.

Ants Marching: The Ultimate Bill Wall Climber
by Mad Dog

Getting Religion
by Dingus Milktoast

Washington Column Direct Solo Retro TR
by Karl Baba

Surviving the Beginnings
by Guillaume Dargaud

Seduced by The One That Got Away
by Phil Box

I'm a finger on a hand.
by Jason Liebgott

Home Again
by x15x15

Rainbow Wall
by Dave Schuller

Code Brown: An Epic? Or Food Story?
by Will Niccolls

Going back in time and getting scared all over again
by Inez Drixelius

All Mixed Up!
by Tradkelly

An Arkansas shopping trip
by John Peterson

Angel Wings South Arete, V 5.11+
by Jason Magness & Craig Clarence

18 hrs on Geronimo - one, 18 hrs on Geronimo - two
by Paulina

Winter's Tale
by Chiloe

Winter Warmer
by Reinhardt


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