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GunksFest 2002


Alex's Trip Report

Marc's Trip Report

Son of Gunksfest - John's post-GunksFest TR

GunksFest 2001

Steven's Story by Steven Cherry

Alex's Story by Alex Chiang

John's Story by John Peterson

Paulina's Story by Paulina Varchavskaia

Marc's Story by Marc-André Giasson

Colin's Gunksfest Tumble - Tom Cikoski

More pictures from GunksFest 2001

GunksFest 2000

Gunksfest 2000 (mini) by Alex Chiang

Vertical Gunks Limit - The Movie by Tom Cikoski

Child Abuse at GunksFest 2000 by John Peterson

Cold Gunk Salad by Keith Hoek

Keith's pictures

GunksFest 1999
First Sunday With Steven And Dawn Event by Mark Heyman
Mark Heyman leading Ken's Crack (5.7) Mark Heyman leading Ken's Crack (5.7)
Would you lead this route in rock shoes? Mark Heyman leading Ken's Crack (5.7)

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