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A special note about the FAQ

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Creating a section for the FAQ takes a tremendous amount of work. If you think we just go to Google and cut and paste a thread, try it yourself.

From: Sloan Foundation Workshop for The History of Science and Technology on the Web

Copyright also protects compilations and collections of other, pre-existing works. Thus, a compilation of uncopyrightable works (e.g., a collection of Shakespeare plays) can be copyrightable. The compiling or collecting is considered the creative contribution for copyright purposes. Thus, a compilation of historical interviews or narratives is protected by copyright, as are the individual interviews or narratives themselves.

For more information on copyright law as it applies to compilations, see:

US Code: Title 17, Section 101 and Section 103

Compilations and Databases

Databases as Compilations

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Article 7 Compilations

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