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Trip Reports on Tradgirl
Fear of a Black Granite
by Adrian MacNair (9/02)

Death by Granite
by Dawn Alguard (7/01)

Other Content on Tradgirl
Climbing at Squamish and Skaha
by Fern

Route Recommendations for Squamish
by Richard Korry

Other Squamish and Skaha Trip Reports

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Squamish Climbing

Squamish Chief Online Rock Climber's Guide

Mike Hengeveld's Squamish, BC

Climbing in BC

Sport Climbing in Squamish from Dr. Topo

Bouldering in Squamish from

Squamish Grand Wall from

British Columbia from

Climbers Access Society of British Columbia

Skaha News

Rockin the Rockies

Climbing Gear, Guides, and Gyms on Coastal BC

Squamish and Skaha Guidebooks
The Climbers Guide to Squamish by Kevin McLane

Skaha Rockclimber's Guide by Kevin McLane

Skaha New Climbs by Kevin McLane

Skaha Rockclimbs by Howie Richardson

Whistler Rockclimbs by Kevin McLane

Squamish Select by Marc Bourdon and Scott Tasaka

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