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Aconcagua, Argentina Mountaineering Index

Aconcagua Trip Reports, Expedition Reports, and Photos

Aconcagua Websites

Official Aconcagua Site

Aconcagua from EverestNews

Aconcagua from Peakware

Dmoz's South American Climbing Guides and Schools directory

Aconcagua Guidebooks
Aconcagua: A Climbing Guide, Second Edition by R. J. Secor et al

Aconcagua: The Roof of the Americas

Aconcagua: Summit of the Americas -- A Map-Guide for Climbers and Trekkers by Ed Darack

Wild Winds: Adventures in the Highest Andes by Ed Darack

Route Recommendations and Other Beta
Aconcagua-Traverse - approach via the Vacas and Relinchos Valleys and traversing to the normal route (11/8/1994)

Info on Polish glacier route - just what it says (6/14/1992)

Aconcagua, why bother; & logistics - trip report with commentary and responses (3/9/2000)

How many days to do Aconcagua? - timing and itinerary (6/29/1999)

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