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Tradgirl is rec.climbing's home on the world wide web. Yeah, we know it's a funny name. Here's the story: once upon a time a new, not-so-young climber burst onto the rec.climbing scene. She had a lot of enthusiasm, which quickly waned, and a yearning to be totally trad, which was soon squelched. This site is what remains.

These days is a collection of the Best of Rec.Climbing: the wisdom, the entertainment, and even the flames. It's edited by a collection of volunteers and the content comes from people like you.

To submit a trip report, photo, article, or topo for inclusion on Tradgirl, please email the webmaster. Although we will occasionally take FAQ information directly from email, we really prefer that it be posted to rec.climbing so that your advice can be vetted by a jury of your peers.

Please don't submit topo's to places that are supposed to be kept secret. While we're very interested in climbing at your secret location, we're not interested in getting ourselves in the middle of a controversy.

Submitting your writing or photos to us gives us permission to post them here on the site. Other than that, your copyright belongs to you. Please make sure that you are the owner of that copyright before submitting to us. We don't want illegal copies of other people's work.

Tradgirl doesn't accept advertisements and it doesn't make reciprocal links arrangements. If you have relevant information, you don't need to bribe anyone. Just send in a link and it'll be included when we get a chance. Please send a specific link and indicate which section of Tradgirl it's most relevent too.

Tradgirl earns income through merchandise sales, affiliations with and REI, and donations from climbers like you. All income is donated to the American Safe Climbing Association. Tradgirl costs, which are fairly minimal, are covered by the editors.

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