Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer

As with the Harry Potter series, the books in the Twilight series kept getting longer and more adult, so it was no surprise that Breaking Dawn weighed almost enough to break your wrists. Although this was the book where the characters finally got down and dirty (very off-stage), it was ironically the least sexy of them. There was a lot of plot to get through.

Being personally more about passion and adventure than motherhood and family, I didn’t initially care for the direction the plot was taking, but I got caught up in it and the story arc is brought to a satisfying close. Bella is much less irritatingly helpless and clingy than she’d been in the first three books, which was a refreshing change. Jacob gets a chance at center stage and that was also a refreshing change. Edward is still Edward only not quite so protective (thankfully).

I didn’t find myself re-reading this one over and over but I did enjoy it and the series as a whole.

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