Things made for me for Christmas
Dec 31st, 2008 by Dawn

I got some lovely hand made presents for Christmas this year. Here’s a portrait Tara painted of me and Steve. She really captured my cheekbones.

And here’s a scarf Jamie crocheted for me. I taught her how to crochet earlier this year and she’s really coming along. Look how even the work is on this. It matches a jacket Steve bought for me last year.

And this is a painting my Grandmother did years ago. When I was in her room this Christmas I commented on how much I liked it and she said I could have it.

Painting ornaments with the girls
Nov 29th, 2008 by Dawn

Tara, Jamie, and I painted some Christmas ornaments. Unfortunately the details are a little hard to see on some of the more sparkly ones, especially the beautiful heart ornament Jamie made for me, but they all came out beautifully. These are some of the ones Jamie and Tara made:

And here are some I made:

Sunflower paint-by-numbers
May 17th, 2004 by Dawn

I’d never done a paint-by-numbers kit before. They’re a lot of work – those areas are pretty small and there are a lot of them. I was really happy with the result though, especially with the mats and frame which I got from Frames by Mail. I got the kit from Herrschners. They have a wide variety of kits, not just cutesy kittens and frolicking dolphins.

Painted plaster ornaments
Apr 16th, 2004 by Dawn

These were my salvation when I quit smoking. I’d already gotten into painting and decorating with glitter these plain white plaster ornaments that are sold in craft stores everywhere around Christmas-time. I realized that I could work on them for hours without hardly thinking about smoking, so when I quit I spent a lot of time on this project. I have dozens of them probably and even more that aren’t painted yet but are waiting for next year. I have pots and pots of paint and flourescent paint and metallic paint and pearlized paint and every kind of glitter. It’s like being a kid during crafts hour again.

This last snowman is from a kit. The kit was my first introduction to painting plaster ornaments and I enjoyed it so much I went out and bought dozens of others to paint.

Angel ornaments
Mar 17th, 2004 by Dawn

These were from a kit. They were all supposed to be blond and angelic but I got bored. They’re hard to photograph too.

College watercolors
Feb 26th, 2004 by Dawn

When I was in college, my friends and I did the strangest things for fun. We drank a lot, of course, but while we were drinking, we would write poetry to each other or paint or sing along to show tunes. These were guys too! I have a few paintings remaining from those many sessions. I’m not a very good painter, but I did used to have fun with it.

This is my standard “scene.” I’ve drawn, sewn, painted this I don’t know how many times.

One of my favorites. An artist friend of mine (someone with actual talent) even liked it.

An attempt at realism. Rather poor.

My favorite is “The Wall.” I painted this one night when, sitting alone in the dark, the white wall in front of me seemed to turn into an undulating dark blue creature. I almost captured the wall I saw in this painting. So what are the naked people doing there? I happened to be thinking about a guy I had a crush on when I saw the wall, so this seemed like the appropriate foreground.

I recently bought some watercolors and tried to paint again but I’ve lost that youthful attitude that allows you to continue on despite an obvious lack of success.

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