Victorian Roses (finally!)
May 8th, 2010 by Dawn

This was a long project.  I worked on it steadily but never diligently and there’s a lot of yarn in it.  Here’s a rule of thumb for estimating how much work a project is going to take: how much yarn do you have to buy?  Because it’s all gotta be put in there before you’re done.  I love this though.  I think it came out beautifully and I hope my friend Rebekah likes it too.

Wine glass markers for Claire
Jul 8th, 2009 by Dawn

You know how you can buy those little do-dads to hang from your wine glass at a party so you can tell one from another? These are a crocheted take on that. Each one was crocheted around a hair band so they can be stretched to fit over the bottom of the glass.

Some included beads, like this one.

I suppose they could also be used as hair bands. If no two of your wine glasses match, like mine, then you probably don’t need markers.

Caribbean toilet paper cover
Apr 4th, 2009 by Dawn

After I made Steve the Boston Red Sox toilet paper cover for Christmas he asked for another one for the guest bathroom in a Caribbean theme. This was fun to make because I got to prowl the aisles of AC Moore looking for inspiration. I found some variegated cotton embroidery thread by DMC in beautiful Caribbean colors and various sea shells and findings to complete the theme. You’re supposed to imagine it’s a sunset at the top fading down through trees to the ocean at the bottom. The blue beads along the bottom edge are like the glass balls you see on fishing nets. And why is there a star fish in the middle of the sunset? Because it’s a “star” (ha ha).

Maliyah’s purple flowers
Mar 1st, 2009 by Dawn

Usually the baby blanket is a surprise but since I was doing most of my crocheting at Steve’s place, I figured Jamie had to be in on the secret. That gave her the chance to choose her own design. She picked one that looked like a field of daisies. Only problem is she doesn’t like yellow or green. Maliyah’s assigned colors were two shades of purple so I picked out a lilac and a grape and here’s the result, modeled by Maliyah herself. She was born two weeks early so I was home madly weaving in ends while she was making her first appearance to the world.

Things made for me for Christmas
Dec 31st, 2008 by Dawn

I got some lovely hand made presents for Christmas this year. Here’s a portrait Tara painted of me and Steve. She really captured my cheekbones.

And here’s a scarf Jamie crocheted for me. I taught her how to crochet earlier this year and she’s really coming along. Look how even the work is on this. It matches a jacket Steve bought for me last year.

And this is a painting my Grandmother did years ago. When I was in her room this Christmas I commented on how much I liked it and she said I could have it.

Red Sox toilet paper cover
Dec 25th, 2008 by Dawn

When Steve first asked for a toilet paper cover (you know, that covers the spare roll that sits on the back of the toilet?), I didn’t take him very seriously. I did start one, thinking it would be a funny surprise. He had specified a “manly” cover, as though there’s such a thing as a manly way to cover your toilet paper, so I decided to crochet the body out of crochet thread and then cross stitch a Boston Red Sox logo on it. Unfortunately, it turned out that even with such fine crochet it didn’t make for a very fine cross stitch canvas. I couldn’t fit the logo on in sufficient detail for it to look nice. So I forgot about the project.

Then, shortly before Christmas, it came up again. I realized he was really hoping and expecting to get this toilet paper roll cover. So I packed up my crochet materials for my trip to Maryland to visit my family and worked like mad while I was down there. I re-created the body of the cover, getting a little closer to the exactly correct dimensions, and then cast about for a way to decorate it.

Thinking it might be possible to buy a Red Sox appliqué, my mother and I visited a sports store and a craft store on Christmas Eve. The sports store didn’t even have a Red Sox hat (it was Maryland) and the crafts store didn’t have sports logos, but we bought a bunch of letters and stars and what sports motif appliqués we could find and all collaborated on the best layout so that Steve could have a merry Christmas with his toilet paper cover.

I’m happy to say that he really liked it. Here are front and back views.

Now he wants a Caribbean themed one for the guest bathroom. Oh so manly.

Two sets of booties for Jamie
Nov 30th, 2008 by Dawn

Jamie’s having two showers so I made two sets of booties. These are both from Precious Baby Booties which has patterns that look good, use sport weight yarn, and work up quickly. This is my favorite bootie book.

Doggie booties
Nov 10th, 2008 by Dawn

These are for the granddaughter of a co-worker and are from a little booklet I got somewhere. The booklet must have been written for a UK audience originally because the first time I tried to make a pair of booties from it they came out ginormous. It took a while to figure out that TC meant DC and DC meant SC and so on. Now I’ve written it into the instructions so I’ll remember. I wonder how, when, and why the UK and US got to using different terms for the same stitches.

Bathroom rug
Nov 1st, 2008 by Dawn

Does it look familiar? It’s the same pattern as the afghan I made for Steve below but in different colors and a cotton yarn. My old bathroom rug had faded to the point where it was basically white, although it started out in colors similar to these. As it faded, it also became very thin, which was a positive. My bathroom door doesn’t have a lot of clearance and my bathroom is very tiny (as you can see), so the rug has to be thin enough to fit under the door.

Well, I made a little mistake finishing this off. I wove the ends in good and hard, figuring it was going to be see some abuse, and the result was that the ends of the afghan gained width (because basically there was a double amount of yarn running through there), giving the rug a flared hourglass shape. Even after adding several rounds of a border, I couldn’t get it to lie square. The asymmetrical shape caused rippling and the rippling caused not-fitting-under-the-door-ness.

Luckily Steve had the idea of starching it. So I ironed and starched the life out of the thing which made it a little more square and a lot less rippled and the door’s been opening and closing pretty well since then. I figure over time it’ll only get thinner, just as the last one did, but I may need to re-iron occasionally until then.

Dignified (and big) Afghan for Steve
Jun 4th, 2008 by Dawn

This is my fourth or fifth afghan from Afghans by the Alphabet which has really nice patterns. Steve picked this one out because he thought it was “dignified”. It is kind of manly. This is bigger than the book called for because Steve wanted something long enough so his toes didn’t come out and wide enough to snuggle two. So it’s almost more of a blanket than an afghan.

There are patterns that look really complicated but are straightforward to crochet and then there are patterns that look straightforward but turn out to be excruciatingly complex. The trick is to do the former, which luckily this was one of. When I first saw what he’d selected I looked at all the color changes and what seemed like different stitches on different rows and I groaned. But actually, every row is the same (allowing for color changes and which stitch you start with). So it was a very pleasant project to work on.

Now let’s get to the snuggling.

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