Eyeglass case for Valentine’s Day
February 18th, 2009 by Dawn

When I saw Steve’s old eyeglasses case in the trash because the velcro closure had worn out, I got the idea of making him a new one for Valentine’s Day. I snagged the old one out of the garbage and brought it home to be my model. It was the envelope style and my idea was to put some personalized embroidery on the inside of the case so it would be a secret message to Steve every time he opened it.

To get my message transferred to a piece of cloth so I could embroider it, I typed the words into a word processor, picked a fancy font, and printed the result. Then I trace the words with a piece of tracing paper between the print-out and the fabric and got a hazy but legible pattern to work from.

Once the embroidery was done, the hard part began. I had to incorporate my work into a pattern of my own design. I sure didn’t want to destroy what I’d just worked so hard to embroider, so I created a mock-up first to make sure I was getting the velcro and the embroiodery in the right places and to see how the stiffening layer I was using worked. After tweaking my design based on the result, I took a deep breath and sewed the case. It came out very nicely.

And here’s the (not so) secret message on the inside.

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