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Farley with the folks

Went to Farley with Dan and Christine and Eric and Jack. I’d tell you what we climbed but I don’t really know. Much of it I’d done before but there was a 5.12 roof to the left of a 5.8 which I hadn’t (for obvious reasons). The approach to the 5.12 roof was supposed to […]

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A Jealous Mistress

The general consensus about my plan to climb the day after running the Hartford Marathon was that I was nuts, but I figured my arms would be fresh enough. More importantly, there just had to be some climbing. What with one thing and another, and you can blame a lot on the rain, I haven’t […]

October 13, 2008   Posted in: Farley Ledge MA, Running  2 Comments

Farley Ledges

I’ve never been to Farley, which access has been opening up to thanks to the Western Massachusetts Climber’s Association. Todd, Romy, Miriam and I made a trip there this Sunday. Luckily Al, a friend of a friend who knows quite a bit about Farley, met us there. I don’t know the names of anything we […]

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