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Owl’s Lair

After last week’s post about ratings, I found myself at Owl’s Lair on Bizarro day. The easiest route we did, The Bad (a fun and well-protected corner/crack until the top where it becomes an easy and unprotected face climb), was nominally the hardest at 5.8. Meanwhile, some of the supposedly easier routes we did like […]

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A little local action

I don’t climb locally very often, so sometimes the gear and the moves feel iffy, but Saturday everything seemed to be flowing (aside from a few minutes stuck at the crux of Wishbone).В  John kept his head together following Knight’s Move and did some wild offwidth, gaston moves on Vector. I saw some friends I […]

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This is why I don’t climb with my boyfriend

“This is why I don’t climb with my boyfriend,” I accused him. Steve, standing patiently below me, hadn’t done anything but hold the rope and make suggestions. I was feeling stuck and scared. I had three pieces in, at least one of which I felt good about, but I didn’t want to be here. Someone […]

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A couple of nice days

A couple of nice days, hot but not too muggy and cooler in the shade. I don’t have much to say about them because they were easy going with low trauma. Steve had his first day back on rock in months and was already leading the first pitch of Airy Aria, a route that scares […]

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