Owl’s Lair

After last week’s post about ratings, I found myself at Owl’s Lair on Bizarro day. The easiest route we did, The Bad (a fun and well-protected corner/crack until the top where it becomes an easy and unprotected face climb), was nominally the hardest at 5.8. Meanwhile, some of the supposedly easier routes we did like the 5.6 Erebus (a fun and well-protected chimney/flake until the top where the route apparently ends just below a head wall) and the 5.5 Serendipity (a route whose difficulty varies according to your faith in smeary stems) were challenging. The most challenging was The Good, which I had the sense to set up a TR on rather than try to lead. I could tell it was one of those short, steep routes where you spend the whole time stressing about making yourself safe and by the time you feel safe, the climbing is all over. My assessment wasn’t wrong.

It was a nother gift of a day and I guess everyone else was over at Main Cliff because we had the place to ourselves. What a treat. Hope there are a few more of those left in the season.

with John, Dawn led all
Serendipity, 5.5
The Ugly, 5.7
The Bad, 5.8
The Good (TR), 5.8-
Erebus, 5.6

October 29, 2010   Posted in: Ragged Mountain

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