So sweet

That first pitch of Erect Direction is probably one of the nicest pitches in the Gunks.В  It’s a shorter, less strenuous, less sustained version of Double Crack and, except for the shorter part, I think I appreciate that about it.В  Erect Direction P1 offers stress-free fun.

This is the time of the year when the Gunks feel perfectly delicious.В  Nothing could be finer than great rock, great weather, and great company.

with John, all led by me
High E, 5.6
Airy Aria P1, 5.8
Carbs and Caffeine P1, 5.9 (TR)
Erect Direction P1, 5.8
Moonlight P2 (5.6)

Teeny tiny me leading Erect Direction P1 and even tinier John belaying at the bottom

Belaying from the top of Erect Direction P1

September 20, 2010   Posted in: Gunks

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