A little local action

I don’t climb locally very often, so sometimes the gear and the moves feel iffy, but Saturday everything seemed to be flowing (aside from a few minutes stuck at the crux of Wishbone).В  John kept his head together following Knight’s Move and did some wild offwidth, gaston moves on Vector. I saw some friends I hadn’t seen in a while and we rescued a bunch of webbing off the top of Vector.В  A good day.

with John, Dawn led all
Wishbone, 5.7
Vector, 5.8
Wet Wall, 5.6
Carey Corner, 5.7 (TR)
YMC, 5.9 (TR)
Weisner’s Slab, 5.3
Knight’s Move, 5.4

September 27, 2010   Posted in: Connecticut Crags, Ragged Mountain

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