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The Result - Adult Dystopia 75K

The year is 2080 and all our problems have been solved. It took a lot of protesting, and even some fighting, but since the Final Revolution, peace has reigned. All we had to do was impose certain restrictions on underage males. Yeah, that might be a little discriminatory, but no one can argue with the result.

Tobin understands why the restrictions are in place. He doesnít want to change the world. He just wants to take a class. He never meant to get involved with the Free Brotherhood. He never meant to hurt anyone. Heís a good boy with a small problem surrounded by conflicting agendas.

His girlfriend wants him to fit into the future she has planned, but his caseworker reminds him that only boys with spotless records earn privileges. One group of friends worries about the next wave of anti-male legislation, while another group seems determined to bring it on. His father knows men should sit down and shut up, but his grandfather plots revolution at the dinner table.

His sister hates him.

And Tobin? He just wants to take a class.

This is the story of how a nice boy gets radicalized and the inevitable result.

John - Mainstream/Upmarket 84K

Itís not easy being the publicist for the new Messiah. Maggie only stopped by to see her college ex at his revival meeting to deliver a message from the God she believes in but sort of hates. Now somehow she and John and Johnís best-friend-since-forever, Austin, are living on a tour bus while she figures out how to do a job her degree in Communications didnít prepare her for.

Austin has always put his best friend first. If John wants to preach, Austin will stand next to the soapbox. If Johnís best chance at success is to rail against the gays, Austin will keep his own sexuality a secret. If John hires his ex-girlfriend as a publicist, Austin will try to minimize the snark. If John wants to alter his message to something kinder and more tolerant? Well, he canít say Austin didnít warn him about losing followers. But Austin isnít about to let John go all the way down this road heís on, not when he can see where that road leads.

Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha. John. The new prophet is an unlikely one. Born Catholic, educated to be an Engineer, Johnís trajectory was altered the day Maggie turned down his proposal. Now he, the woman who rejected him, and the friend who might be jealous of her form an uncomfortable triad. Austin wants John to be happy. Maggie wants John to be famous. John just wants to speak the word of God. And a lot of other people want John to disappear.

John is an 84,000 word story about Godís newest Messiah and his wild idea that maybe we can all love each other, told from the points-of-view of Maggie, his ex-girlfriend, and Austin, his non-believing best friend.

© Dawn Alguard, 2017